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The Ardington Group’s Reel Grinder from Slave Lake, AB

Ardington Grinding Products has a long history of agriculture-related manufacturing services. Originally established in rural western Canada (Manitoba) in 1953, Ardington’s first manufacturing enterprise was an after market hydraulic actuated roto-tiller for an agricultural application.

Into the late fifties and early sixties Ardington’s focus continued to be agricultural related manufacturing and its reputation was founded on superb manufacturing and quality redevelopment of ‘add-ons’ to existing equipment with the purpose of making them more efficient and reliable.
In 1983 The Ardington Group expanded exclusively into developing new innovative products and machines for turfgrass-related applications (specifically golf course equipment). To date the Ardington product line has fourteen unique stand-alone turfgrass related products along with numerous add-ons such as the ARD 388 Bedknife Grinding Attachment which is an add-on to a Foley 388 reel grinder that reduces set-up time and allows for a more precise bedknife grind. Other unique Ardington add-ons include the Ardington Greens Roller which attaches to tri-plex mowers and rolls greens to speed up ball roll and allow for a truer putting surface. These are only a few examples of Ardington’s contribution and genuine concern for assisting and helping the turfgrass industry improve their work-place environment.

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In 1989 the original prototype of the ‘Ardington Bear’ reel grinder was developed. With over 50 years of sports turf experience, the developers of the ‘Ardington Bear’ have worked with just about every type of reel grinder, and they feel that the introduction of the portable ‘Bear’ will revolutionize the way a turf grinder is used and viewed. ‘The Ardington Bear’ was originally prototyped in 1989 and released for market testing in1991. According to it’s inventor Glyn (Bear) Moffatt, "Its a unique, sturdy, compact, easy to set-up machine that provides a quality of grind that exceeds existing stationary grinders. " I’m convinced that this Reel Grinder, bar none, will be a  turf facilities best buy. It’s an affordable grinder for all turfgrass facilities and  the quality is there. We're bringing a Reel Grinder to market that’s been field tested for five years as we're not about to sacrifice our long history of quality by bringing the machine to market prematurely" ‘This is an asset that will earn its keep’

In addition to the introduction of the ‘Ardington Bear’ in 1991, Ardington simultaneously initiated a number of educational/in-service training seminars to golf course and institutional parks departments in an effort to assist and improve their turf facility’s operation. The educational packages and on-site training packages that vary from two days to ten days have been extremely successful. These in service training seminars include actual hands on training of our grinding products along with introductory training seminars for entry level employees.
Ardington is committed to the research and development of new, innovative products for turfgrass applications and on-site customized worldwide training programs. Get in touch with Economic Destinations to learn more about our reel grinder from Slave Lake, AB.

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